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Kirsty Smallwood
“eat well, love life”

Kirsty Lou’s Kitchen originated in 2013 from our Head Chef and Founder, Kirsty Smallwood’s passion for creative cooking, helping people eat well and assisting them in leading healthy lifestyles.

Her interest in nutrition developed at an early age from family members suffering from, and later being diagnosed with certain medical conditions including, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes and coeliac disease. This led to her qualifying as a dietitian in 2010.

Since moving over from the UK she has worked as a personal chef, creating innovative and nutritious recipes, adapting them to be tasty and nourishing for different clientele.

Having now founded Kirsty Lou’s Kitchen she is now able to combine her passion in food and nutritional knowledge to provide a fresh, wholesome catering service.

Kirsty Lou’s Kitchen and their professional team of Chefs and waitstaff can provide catering for any event in Sydney and surrounding areas.

We use fresh, locally sourced, high quality ingredients including only grass-fed and free-range meats from Field to Fork, Bondi.

Our innovative menus are inspired by cuisines all over the world, which is partnered with our rustic style to produce delicious food with exquisite service.

From the first contact, to the event itself, the team at Kirsty Lou’s Kitchen pride themselves on going the extra mile for you. We take the time to listen to your enquiry and provide you with a tailored quote that best meets your needs.

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