Coconut oil is comprised of medium chain fatty acids; these are broken down by the liver and converted into energy. Other fats – e.g. Vegetable oil and butter – are long chain fatty acids, which are harder for the body to break down, and are therefore stored as fat. As a result, coconut oil has been seen to boost metabolism and aid weight loss.

It is ideal for all sorts of cooking and baking as it is able to withstand high temperatures without being damaged or going rancid like other oils. Olive oil is an example of an oil that should actually not be cooked with for these reasons.

The lauric acid found in coconut oil has antibacterial properties, which is useful in killing pathogens like bacteria, virus and fungi.

Furthermore, coconut oil:

  • Improves brain function
  • Has anti inflammatory properties
  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Aids digestion and nutrient absorption

On top of all the health benefits for our internal system, coconut oil also has numerous uses for our skin, hair and teeth.

My mum once told me that I should never put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat. This is very fitting as I use coconut oil for almost everything!

It can be used as:

  • Moisturizer
  • Eye make up remover
  • Deep hair conditioner
  • Lipcare
  • Feet treatment
  • Oil pulling

You can purchase coconut oil from health shops and some supermarkets.