Do you ever stop to think why farm workers wear protective clothing while spraying our crops, and what harmful effects it could be having on our bodies?


Organic meal delivery

Here at Kirsty Lou’s Kitchen we believe that our health and wellbeing starts with the food that we put in our mouths; the fuel that our bodies function on. This is why we’ve made the choice to use organic seasonal produce that is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

 What are the benefits of organic foods?

  1. Looks after the environment

Organic farming is “farming in harmony with nature.” It produces plant and animal food without the use of chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones or GMO crops. It focuses on preservation of soil and crop rotation to keep our ecosystem and farmland healthy.

  1. Tastes better.

Try it! Organically grown food generally tastes better as it is free of chemicals.

  1. Health benefits

Prevents ingestion of pesticides and insecticides regularly found in commercial products. Research suggests that this is linked to increased health problems.

  1. It’s better for your children.

It is a well- established fact that infants and children are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals whilst their vital organs are still developing can be harmful, with long-term permanent damage a possible result. Additionally, synthetic food additives have been linked to symptoms such as allergic reactions, asthma and ADAH, which is a growing concern among children.

  1. Animal welfare.

On organic farms the animals are treated with care, without use of antibiotics and growth hormones, as opposed to commercially reared animals that are kept in tiny spaces without the freedom to move. These kind of living conditions lead to infections, which are treated by continuous use of antibiotics.

       6. Pesticides are water pollutant

Pesticides are a major cause of water pollution. They chemicals  run off the farm land into our rivers and other water sources killing aquatic organisms.

Overall, organic, sustainable farming protects humans, animals and our environment. Increasing the demand for organic farming will have a positive impact on both us and our future generations!